A long, long time ago, in the pre-Twitter, pre-Youtube, pre-Walking Dead era of June 2003, I wrote, directed, animated and published the very first episode of XOMBIE: DEAD ON ARRIVAL, which you can watch these days right here.

Without a proper studio to fund and produce the project (because "James, kids' shows don't do zombies."), I continued stubbornly to create it on my own, eventually capping off a ten episode run in the summer of 2007. Because, hey, don't tell me no.

By this point, Xombie had officially become the most popular thing I'd ever done.

Over the years, the series was viewed over 13 million times, leading to an illustrated novel, a 5-issue comic book series from Devil's Due, and even a run of Xombie skateboards. My experiment had become a business, my characters had become my friends, and an entire generation of kids now officially cared what became of them. "Could this be going any better?" I exclaimed. 

And then the phone rang.