Together with my dear friends and producers Cindi Rice and John Frank Rosenblum, I was summoned to Los Angeles by the team behind "Transformers," who at the time were actively seeking to develop a horror / action franchise. As luck would have it, Xombie fit the description.

In June of 2009, the Xombie rights were optioned by Dreamworks Pictures with the intent of a kickass, live-action film adaptation. This resulted in a whirlwind of studio meetings, story development, and the opportunity to help write a feature film version of the Xombie story.

Though the film was announced in the Hollywood Reporter, and developed for almost two years, it was ultimately never produced - cancelled in the wake of the WGA strike, along with a slew of other neat looking projects. (I'm looking at you, Justice League: Mortal)

While this was discouraging for me, it was confusing to the fans. With all momentum having stopped, and the rights temporarily in flux, it appeared Xombie might actually be "dead dead" after all.

And then, for a time, all was quiet.